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5 Hacks For Starting A Conversation With Anyone

Adrian Chenault

Founder and CEO

Contact Mapping

Tom Chenault

Contact Mapping


Tom and Adrian Chenault know that you can never have too many great connections in life and business. For Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs all over, starting conversation is a vital skill. What are some easy methods to use that work with anyone? Tom and Adrian are sharing 5 of the best in this live webinar…

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About The Webinar

Join us live as we walk through 5 simple ways to start a conversation with literally anybody. Apply these methods at networking events, conferences, coffee shops and just about anywhere you can think of.

Why? Because Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs alike need to grow their network continuously. You never know when the next golden opportunity will walk into the room you’re standing in.

You'll Learn

Actionable ways to start a conversation with someone you don’t know yet

When and where to use these methods

How we’ve seen this done right (and wrong!)

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How to rinse and repeat your process for starting conversations

contact mapping